Laredo Beauty College was founded in 1965 by its present owner, Peggy Dietrick. The new facility was built in 2002 and was designed for the express purpose of instructing and training students in the theory and practice of cosmetology. The building is handicapped accessible and sits directly across the street from a public transportation stop. The 9000 sq. ft. building contains 3 theory classrooms for English and Spanish classes, freshman, senior and advanced senior training and clinic areas. There is a separate skin care clinic, reception area, dispensary and lab area as well as stock room and restrooms. Also provided is a student lounge with kitchen facilities. There are 3 offices for all student records and counseling. There is a library section containing books and audio/visual aids available for the staff and students. The school provides adequate equipment, desk and work stations for the maximum number of students (200) assigned to them at one time.

Laredo Beauty College offers the Milady program of teaching. These programs include audio/visual materials, written texts and training aids for individual applications.

There’s a variety of exceptional careers available in the field of beauty culture for men and women from 17 to 60+. *The work is pleasant, creative and stimulating with a better than average income potential *offers year-round employment *advancement opportunities *a profession with a chance to own one’s business *a chance to meet new and interesting people as well as improve personal appearance. Very few professions offer the continuing work opportunities of this field. Well trained men and women can find excellent jobs (full or part-time) in good times or bad, in virtually every city in the world. There is always a demand for well trained people in the beauty field.